Prescription Herbal: Lowering High Blood Pressure

How to Lowering High Blood Pressure


Tree Meniran (including stems, leaves and roots) ... ... ... 2 sticks
Centella asiatica or hoof leaves ... ... ... .... ¼ handheld
Leaves Mustache cat ... ... ... ... 11 sheets
The roots of the weeds ... ... .... 2 inch hand

Making way:
All material is washed and boiled in 5 cups of water until the remaining 3 cups. Afterchilling filtered.
How to use:
Drink 3 times a day with a dose of half a glass to drink.
This herb is also useful to cure cramps and tingling. Even berkhasian also to treat gout.

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  • I recently face High Blood Pressure, I checked with my doctor and he suggested me to take levodyn herbal pills. Along with he order me to follow these steps First of all, drink lots of water daily which keeps you active and energetic. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables daily. Leave the saturated and starch full food. Use low cholesterol oil like olive oil and canola oils, stop smoking, start exercising on the daily basis at least for half an hour. So I decided to try it and follow the steps, guess what now my blood pressure is currently on average 125/75.

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