Hipertensi The Silent Killer

Indeed, healthy lifestyle changes is difficult in brief, but more effective in controlling your blood pressure. So, avoid trigger factors of hypertension or you may experience the fate of the loss of your manhood for life. The choice is yours ... 

You are at risk of hypertension, if: 
Being overweight. 
Having an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking alcohol, eating foods like high cholesterol, stress). 
Aged over 45 years (men), women over 55 years. 
Having a family history of hypertension. 
Includes pre-hypertension group (blood pressure between 120/80-140/90 mmHg).
Ways to control hypertension: 
Perform a low-salt diet and eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and foods low in fat. 
Reduce the weight to achieve an ideal weight. 
Exercise regularly. 
Stop smoking. 
Stop the consumption of alcohol.

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