Experiencing Premature Skin Aging

Not something that is impossible for a woman aged 20 - or 30's to experience premature aging of the skin. Free radicals such as exposure to direct sunlight, stress and environmental pollution becomes an important factor in skin aging.

Other factors such as smoking, alcohol or unhealthy diet also affects the damage to your skin. As a result, skin loses its beauty and began to show the physical characteristics of premature aging. Here are the signs of premature aging of the skin that you should beware.

1. Wrinkled
Signs of the easiest to see of course is the skin began to wrinkle. American Academy of Dermatology explains, these wrinkles appear due to the sun, and getting worse if you smoke. Exposure to DNA-damaging free radicals on the skin up to the cell membrane. Collagen and elastin, proteins that are useful for skin health and beauty, more and more damaged resulting in skin will begin to slack and lose elasticity. Hereditary factors, such as genetics and race, in fact also affects how quickly a person's wrinkled.

2. Blackish stains
Blackish stains, or so-called age spots, will appear with a darker color than surrounding skin. According to the National Institutes of Health, age spots commonly found in humans that has been aged above 40 years who spent much of his time in the sun. It usually appears in the arms, hands, face, forehead and shoulders (just the parts that are easily exposed to direct sunlight).

3. Rough skin texture
Another problem that marks the premature skin aging is the skin texture becomes coarse. Collagen and elastin will be damaged if it constantly gets sun. Collagen is useful to maintain strength and elasticity of the skin, while elastin will make the skin firm and flexible. Too many are under the sunlight will make the skin look dry and coarse.

4. Dilated pores
The pores are enlarged as well as the associated signs of premature aging of the skin. The more a person gets older, the pores will be even greater due to the buildup of dead skin. Enlarged pores can be overcome by diligent skin care that includes removal of dead skin cells.


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