Cancer Prevention

Prevention in General

How common cancer prevention is to reduce exposure to carcinogenic substances,such as not smoking, avoiding foods high in fat, add high-fiber foods such asvegetables and fruit, physical Akif life, striving for the ideal body weight, and live witha healthy pattern. Prevention can also be done by screening or screening for the possibility of getting cancer. Cancer screening tests was conducted to understand the possibility of cancer so as to reduce the number of deaths from cancer because ifcancer is found at a very early stage, where the cancer has not spread further, the cancer usually can be treated and provide optimal results.

Mental Therapy

Some things you can do in terms of mental therapy for patients with cancer are:
Managing stress
Recognizing the stress
Moral support in cancer patients
Stay active and have fun
Empathy (understanding the severity of the mental burden experienced by cancerpatients to support recovery)
Optimistic in the run alive
Dispose of revenge and hatred
Prayer therapy (closer to God kapada)

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