Info About Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a terrible thing for any couple. Recovering from the experience of miscarriage to make a woman will feel depressed, frustrated and angry. When a pregnant woman who had previously suffered a miscarriage will have an impact on high emotions and can cause feelings of fear of the occurrence of similar experiences in the future. 

Pregnancy after miscarriage raises many questions such as:

* How long should I bleed after a miscarriage?
* How can I prevent a miscarriage after becoming pregnant again?
* When do I have to try to get pregnant after a miscarriage? pregnant
Bleeding after miscarriage: Most people are not sure about the period of bleeding after a miscarriage. Usually, the bleeding lasts for 4-5 days to two weeks. Experiencing a miscarriage during the third trimester may cause bleeding for six weeks. During this period, do not put anything in your vagina.
Preventing miscarriage another fear: It is normal for a woman for fear of having another miscarriage. Be honest with your spouse and loved ones because no one comes to understand this fear.
The period to get pregnant after a miscarriage: Most women want to try to get pregnant soon after miscarriage. Pregnant after a miscarriage depends entirely on how you cope with your miscarriage. If you feel that you are ready to try, then do not hesitate to try. Pregnant after miscarriage tips:

* Allow your body to heal and overcome the loss you have.
* If you do not have the desire for sex, communicating with your partner and make him understand the situation.
* Give yourself time to cope with loss and set your mind and body to try to get pregnant again. It is advisable to wait until you have at least one normal menstrual cycle.
* Do not plan soon after a miscarriage.
* What is sex between 10-18 days of your cycle.


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