Enterobacter sakazakii

Sakazaki Bacteria (Enterobacter sakazakii) is a type of bacteria Enterobacteriacea, which consists of several species of bacteria found in the digestive tract of humans, animals and the environment. Sakazakii natural habitats are not known for certain.Bacteria can be didekteksi digestion healthy people. It can also be found in the digestive tract of animals and also in nature.

These microorganisms could have implications to meningitis or enteritis hususnya in children. In recent news reported 20% - more than 50% are affected by the disease died. While that can survive the disease was the ahirnya neurological complications.
Enterobacter sakazakii can cause illness in all ages. But from some reports mentioned that in infants, especially infants less than 1 year who risk factor is higher.And the most dangerous when attacking the newborn (less than 28 days), premature delivery, low birth weight babies and babies that her immune decline. The bacteria also called ES causes inflammation of the lining of the brain and the gut and tissues throughout the body and digestive disorders.

Milk formula containing harmful bacteria entrobakter sakazaki. 

There are three ways how to milk formula contaminated by Enterobacter sakazakii.
  • Bacteria can enter through the material that is used during the production of formula milk.
  • The bacteria also can enter through the contamination of materials formula or other formula ingredients are incorporated into formula milk after milk dipasturisasi.
  • Contamination can also occur through people who give formula to babies.

Actually Enterobacter sakazakii could be detected in a few various other foods, but the bacteria are more frequent attacks by formula milk powder.

Infants fed breast milk (exclusive ation) have never been contaminated by Enterobacter sakazakii. research that there is only mention take 50-80% of cases occur because of bacterial contamination sakazakii powdered infant formula.

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